The Value of Privacy

“Today value is increasingly measured by publicity, not privacy, and we are losing sight of the truth that genuine intimacy requires secrecy.

This cultural desire to be seen makes us approve Jesus’ call to, ‘Let your light shine before others’…

…but we forget that in the same sermon Jesus said, ‘Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them.’

~ Skye Jethani

Think About It…

“Sometimes we are so focused on what we want that we don’t see what others need.”

~ Catrell Anderson 


Think About It…

“No church can truly be the church if its pastor or congregation are unwilling to speak hard truths to each other and to themselves.

To think of the pastorate as primarily a helping profession, and the church as only a therapeutic community whose main goal is to make us feel better about ourselves…

…instead of giving people what they actually need to be healthy…

…is a betrayal of the gospel and the church’s mission.”

~ Ron Dreher

Think About It…

“Believe it or not, the breakdown of character in our society has actually caused us to be more legalistic.

The decline of character is being compensated for with more laws. So now you can’t say something is wrong anymore if it’s legal, no matter how morally wrong it may be.

The focus then has shifted to making better laws, because as a society, we’re losing the ability to make better people.

That’s what society used to look to the church for.”

~ Phil Vischer